How does it work


What is the Agreemint Platform ?

Agreemint is a Negotiating Designer Platform and enterprise class document editor that combines the best features of Word, Google Docs and Digital Signing.  Use with your own corporate approved internal templates or pull from various sample templates built in to the service. With more use of the Agreemint platform, the document workflow editor learns your patterns, industry norms on contracts of a similar state, and past behaviorial solves.

What problem is this service trying to solve?

85% of the time to close in a contract is mired in 'negotiation' or the old redlining of documents. Using Agreemint is an intuitive and effective way to understand what is important, less important, or even tradable (by department, by persona, or by your responder), to quickly come to a sign-able deal. Agreemint AI captures negotiation behavior of you, your company and external industry norms, such that a user has pattern reminders or corporate suggestions to solve common negotiation delays.

Can I forward this for another to sign?

Yes. Just forward the URL link to another to sign.

Can i drop in some of my own language?

Yes. You can create your own templates, or pull from existing sources in your Dashboard.

Can I use with my own digital signature solution (docusign, etc)?

Absolutely.  One can use the service with our built in digital signature capability or use an external digital signing solution - such as Docusign or others.


Do I need an attorney to use this service?

You do not need an attorney to use our service.   However, as with any legal solution you should consult your attorney on any legal concerns as we are not your representative attorney.  The solution was designed to be 'attorney compatible' such that your attorney could get access and language.

Can I add in some of my own custom language?

Yes you can. And you can priority weight this also.

Can my attorney review the language prior to signing this solution?

Absolutely.  You can easily get a custom URL link to fwd to another to review or sign.


Who pays for use of this service?

Noone would pay if a contract is not successfully signed by both parties. So both parties can negotiate and see if a successful result is reached with our software platform. If a result is reached, the Initiating Party of the document is expected to fulfill obligations

How long do you keep records of a particular signed contract?

By law we are required to hold on to transaction records, for as long as we are in business.

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