How does it work


What is the Agreemint AI Negotiator ?

Agreemint's AI is a software AI that recieves rank weighted inputs from contract parties, as well as external industry negotiation patterns to provide an intelligent suggested contract to business parties, allowing to save time and money that was traditionally mired in 'one off' negotiation behavior.

What if I am not satisfied with the result of the Agreemint AI suggestion?

Agreemint is not meant to displace your attorney.  The result is attorney compatible, and is an assisted speedy result for consideration.  The initiation party (under paid license) can request to adjust a result to further optimize a successful result.

Can I forward this for another to sign?

Yes. During the signing step, just use FWD to Another Signer.

Can i drop in some of my own language?

Yes, you can block in some of our own clauses, or drag in some additional common add in clauses.

Can I use with my own digital signature solution (docusign, etc)?

Absolutely.  One can use the service with our built in digital signature capability or use an external digital signing solution - such as Docusign or others.


Do I need an attorney to use this service?

You do not need an attorney to use our service.  Many in our Beta plan do not have plans to do to.  However, as with any legal solution you should consult your attorney on any legal concerns, as we are not your representative attorney.  The solution was designed to be 'attorney compatible' such that your attorney could get access and review results.

Can I add in some of my own custom language?

Under Beta , not at this time.  However, when we move to commercial deployment a user may be able to do so.

Can my attorney review the language prior to signing this solution?

Absolutely.  Will will be releasing a feature soon for 'fwd to signer', which can be use to fward to third party attorney or other signer you will require to use.


Who pays for use of this service?

Noone would pay if a contract is not successfully signed by both parties. So both parties can negotiate and see if a successful result is reached with our software platform. If a result is reached, the Initiating Party of the document is expected to fulfill obligations

How long do you keep records of a particular signed contract?

By law we are required to hold on to transaction records, for as long as we are in business. is not an attorney or law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your direction. 

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