Stay in full control. Integrate through in an API.

PROBLEM:  My customers already login to my application through our services.  I would prefer to present agreements for signing off within that existing workflow, vs out of band email or external links, etc.

PROBLEM #2:  My customers may need to be alerted of changes of terms or warranties or other disclaimers in our Master Agreement, without denying they have read those changes.

IMPACT:   Without tighter integration, this can cause user frustration or additional costly workflows to your administration. In some cases, fines can be levied for notifications of policy changes that were not signed off with signature verification.

SOLUTION: Agreemint Developer ClickAPI allows for ease of uploading policy or term language, track consent and prove adherence via digital signatures.  This is all logged within an easy to use dashboard and posted to your CRM of choice.

  • Super easy to use.
  • Unlimited templates or documents to get signed.
  • Use with existing Developer tools (REST API, etc)
  • Mobile and Desktop ready.
  • Free t-shirt (of course!).


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