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Alert users of updates to the document. Alert when signed.
Alert when a Responder is active in the document.

Negotiation Privacy

Ensure internal comments and priority values stay protected.
Only show what you wish.

Data Protections

Using state of the art security, no co-mingling of user data. Rock solid we promise.

Learns your behavior

See a pattern? Flag it easily for future reminders.
Train your instance of Agreemint!

Stakeholders Aligned

Ensure internal teams are 100% aligned. No need to track down everyone to sort out what is important vs. less important vs. negotiable.

Self Enforcing Doc

Let the Agreemint doc enforce itself.  Auto alerts of
renewal reminders or other follow on document reminders.

Features by Category


Priority & Clarity

PROBLEM:  Losing costly time in sorting out what is important to various wants and needs in a negotiated contract (redlines).

  As document negotiation (redlines) increases, Agreemint allows users to weight  priorities to specific redlines in a document. 


Ease of Onboarding

PROBLEM:  Most contract workflow solutions have complexity in user set up or ease, delaying productivity longer than expected.

SOLUTION: Use existing contracts through a drag and drop ease.  Send to a responder as a URL link (no attachments required). Easy as cake.


Real Time Alerts to CRM

PROBLEM: Spending costly time in reporting contract obligations or data  back to a CRM, during negotiation or after closing. 

SOLUTION: Any tracked Smart Fields can be set to auto sync in real time to your CRM.   This creates an up to date forecast or self-enforcing contracts later.


Smart Fields for Tracking

PROBLEM:   Creating a system that tracks common contract data can be very time consuming.

SOLUTION:  Agreemint allows legal or non-legal to create Smart Form fields within contract templates, which can be used for easy data and systems tracking later.


Protect Sections of a Document

PROBLEM: Many companies have certain sections only editable by certain content 'owners', but have no easy way to enforce in a document.

SOLUTION: Agreemint allows a users to set certain sections of a document to be only editable by assigned owners, ensuring safety and compliance long term.


Sort by High or Low Priority

PROBLEM: In current contract documents, it can take costly time to figure out what part of the document needs attention first, or understand the dynamic of high and low priority issues. 

SOLUTION:   Since Agreemint users can prioritize wants, those fields can be searchable by those priorities, by persona, by department, by topic, etc.


Document Sharing Controls

PROBLEM:  In today's contract document it is impossible to control who can do or see what in a document, which leads to time consuming and inefficient workflows.

SOLUTION: Agreemint allows the owner of the document or sub owner to quickly create rights controls in the document - who can sign, who can edit,  who can forward, who can comment, where it can be shared, etc.  This can save a ton of time over older email workflows.


Analytics Reporting

PROBLEM:  In order to create a learning organziation it is very important to capture real time information on various trends in contracts, what is negotiated most, how long things are taking, what are typical remedies, etc.

SOLUTION: Agreement tracks behaviors in contracts and whatever you wish to track , so that your company can continuously improve outcomes, or improve forecasting accuracy.


Playbook Clauses

PROBLEM:  Create a workflow that allows to pull in back up clauses.

SOLUTION:  Agreemint allows the ease of a drag and drop assembly to quickly replace a section with a back up clause.


Document Assembly

PROBLEM:  Create a workflow that offloads more assembly to front line users.

SOLUTION:  Agreemint allows the ease of a drag and drop assembly for any user, depending on the type of contract required for each party.


Document Messaging

PROBLEM:   In contracting today, often users resort to out of band communication - Slack or directly emails regarding specific areas of topic in a contract

SOLUTION:  Agreemint users do not have to leave a document to do so, as Agreemint has the ability to create private threads (Slack like) for messages that can be private, public or direct to users.


Document Tasks

PROBLEM:   Many documents today have the need for some level of workflow - have certain departments sign off,  approve, or review. 

SOLUTION:  Agreemint documents have a pre-built in task list workflow for either party to use and assign with ease.   Tasks can create alerts in Slack or email if you wish.


Third Party Integrations

PROBLEM:  Document workflows need to quickly report or sync with other third party systems in an the enterprise. 

SOLUTION:  Agreemint has API’s provided and third party plug ins to allow for the ease of working within an existing workflow a user has set up.


Set Priorities

How important is this edit?

One of the most costly time delays is the inability to know what is really important and to whom. With the unique Agreemint Negotiation Editor either party can set priority weights (through drag & drop interaction or setting priority weight flags) to what is most important, less important or even tradeable. A user can share this info, or keep it private and help to organize his/her own company as to what are the key points to drive in a particular contract.


Onboarding Simplified

Take whatever template format you have (word, pdf) , and convert it to a URL link. Easy as cake. .


Push data from Contract to CRM

Given a contract changes over time, can I auto sync key fields to my CRM in real time?

Yes you sure can. And the result? Everyone can also see now a revised forecast, or revised obligation level, or term info - all in real time. Now that is a time saver!


CRM Fields - Smart Sync

Can I capture key inputs directly to my CRM?

Aas an Intiator of the document you can easily create Smart Form fields to sync directly with your CRM. These form inputs can be named and cataloged for future searches or intelligence.


Access Controls for Specific Topics of Content

Can I lock down sections of the contract to be only editable by certain personas?

Yes, you can.  Just block out the text you intend to control for more fine grained protection. Perhaps a warranty section or some section that is normally never adjusted .


Sort by importance of issues

Can I only see the most important issues first? Can I sort issues by persona?

As added convience for document review, instead of weeding through endless redlines, one can decide to display edits by a department, or by priority or by responder's priorities only. Up to you in how you want to review for efficiency of your time.


Document Sharing Settings - Document Rights

Can I control who can do what within the document?

As a user of the document you can fine grain controls for what anyone can do with the document.  Including whether you can allow another to share with their team.


Document Sub Rights

Can a Responder of my document send to others?

Any user of the document can also share with another (but with no greater admin control than the Intiator). A user can have others review and set permission guidelines for what they can do within that document.


Capture Data for Future Learnings

Can I capture the most common areas of delay in my contracting? How long particular contracts take vs others? How do we benchmark against norms in my industry?

To build efficiencies in contract workflow it is important to catalog key patterns that are repeated, or even areas that are getting negotiated over and remedied in similar ways as prior contracts. These analytics can help in forecasting and time management for contracts in play or for internal guidance in forecasting.


Drag in library of back up clauses (as part of a playbook)

Can I quickly grab clauses from past contracts for solves in a current negotiation?

‍Rest assured your previous approved clauses are all searchable


Lock Document

Who has the last draft? Can I edit without anyone seeing me do this live?

One of the biggest fears of contract negotiation is that two people or more are editing different drafts, or at same time, causing a big mix up on 'who is working on the last draft'. Any user can decide to lock it and alert others that they are currently working on it.

Note: This doesnt prevent a user from accessing the last version in a 'viewer only' mode, but it would lock the document from new edits until the person unlocks it back. An automatic alert is generated the the document is back open to review the new edits in an unlocked document.


Assemble Document

Through an innovative drag and drop interface, a user can quikly assemble the right document each time. An admin user can populate pre defined, or pre approved clauses for different types of contracts.

Note: A user can also do a 'one click' conversion of a Microsoft Word contract as well.


Private vs Public or Direct message

Can I control who can see my comments?

Another fear of a contract negotiation is that certain comments are accidently left over in a document. Usually a user has to spend costly time cleaning it up before sending it back over to another party. A very highly valued feature in Agreemint is that we allow a user to flag his/her comments for private review for which can only be seen by his/her own company, or even a particular person only in his/her company.


Set Task Lists

Has Finance or Legal reviewed? Set a task.  Keep all on track with ease.


Smart forms

Place smart forms where you need, including signatures or initials. Capture recurring data anywhere in the document.

Smart forms are very useful for automating future tracking.  For example, capture information in a smart forum directly to a CRM so you have automatice alerts of key future events.


Sign in App (no need to convert to docusign)

To keep things simple, either the initiating user or responding user can sign right in the app without any additional conversion required. However, users can also sign with Docusign or other tools if they wish. Just convert the doc to Word and you are good to go.


Third Party Integrations

No good app can do all services as a stand-a-lone. Agreemint recognizes that you may already have existing infrastructure in place today. Let us know of any services you use and we can help to make sure it is an added application integration.

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