Case Study

Blazar Technology


Blazar Technology is in the business of helping business navigate the complexities and opportunities in closing lucrative Government contracts. With nearly 60 years of experience, and while injesting 100’s of federal opportunities on a daily basis, including over a billion in various contracts procured, Blazar was in the hunt for new ways to speed operational contracting -- for both Blazar customers and Blazars customers' customer.


Find a way to transform operational speed and compliance in routine contracting  starting with the most basic of contracts , like NDA's, Software Agreements or Partner Agreements.

*Secondary Problem

Find ways to streamline the management and compliance post close without having to read each contract thoroughly at a later date, each potentially with its own nuanced written language, and push the relevant terms agreed into the required field of a CRM.


Initiate new relationships through the service.

Net Result

Deals closed faster.  10x faster.

After 6 months of full time use, contracts initated through the platform had a 10-20x improvement in start to close time. What normally took 10-30 days of back and forth paper (emails and redlines) now took 1-2 days, in some cases instantly (an hour).

  1. 10-20x improvement in speed to close time - avg 36 hours
  2. Contracts closed with zero redlines = 82.5%
    (compared to 10% prior to use)
  3. Estimate Savings = $12K per contract
  4. Compliance Savings = $150K annualized
  5. Marketing and Customer Branding Ease = "immeasurable"
** Case study and use over a 6 month period, from Aug 2019 March 2020- and now in commercial use.


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