The Story

Being from a small Midwestern town, one of the traits our Founder cherished was the value of someone’s word. The difference between what someone said and what they really meant was never all that far off, if ever.

In the business world, this is more of the exception than the rule. 

People's wants and what they actually need are usually not the same thing.

Today, the traditional contracting process has failed to capture this nuance. We negotiate by striking out text (redlining) all in the same way, as one and the same value.

But how do we capture and prioritize our wants and real wants, and the history of both?

More importantly, how do we allow sales teams to sell more without depending on 1:1 increases in operational and legal resource spending?

Therein lies the mismatch. And this is what Agreemint solves.

By allowing users to set weight values to wants in a contract, both for internal or external communications, this can speed up operational flows. And by doing so in an intuitive way, Agreemints AI can capture behavior patterns making future contracts faster.

With some savings in our pockets, big ambitions, and years of experience in legal and sales, Agreemint is figuratively taking the market back to the ease of a handshake and a look in the eye.

The Purpose

Our purpose is to build products and solutions that people love, first and foremost.  We strive to  bring technology to the table that is fun, easy, and impactful.   We aim to be an organization that gives back.   We believe as an organization that in order to do great work, people must feel complete in their own lives.  We encourage our employees to make time for hobbies, charitable work, or for their own family time.

If we have products our customers love along with employees that love working with us, we have reached the ultimate goal in our culture.

The Goal

Improving the clarity, delight, and process for how any two entities set up a contract together.

Who we are...

Peter Graham


True to his Midwestern roots, Peter believes in the value of authenticity, practicality, and meaningful work. Having extensive experience in various leadership roles in the tech industry, Peter felt compelled to search for new ways to enhance business harmony and efficiency.  In his spare time, Peter enjoys fishing and any free tickets to Warrior games! On longer airplane rides, Peter is okay being in a middle seat.

Christopher Boyce


Chris proudly serves as Agreemint's CTO and Co-Founder, having designed and implemented the core architectural product, AI initiation, and vision. Before Agreemint, Chris spent many years honing his skills in intelligent learning applications, embedded applications, complex cryptography designs, and general user application design, through his tenure with Mocana Corporation and  Chris has a MS in Computer Science from University of San Francisco and a BS of Computer Science from San Francisco State University. In his spare time, you may find Chris flying a fully assembled self-manufactured drone, and occasionally enjoying a cold bottle of Cacao Soylent.

Daniel Gould

Strategic Advisor

Daniel currently serves as Sr. Director for Content Aquisition at Roku Inc. and  spent over seven years representing TV networks and distributers (Fox, Univision, Viacom, Verizon, etc.).  Before this, Daniel also spent over six years in Product Management in streaming media and advertising space. Daniel also founded one of the first online entertainment analytics start ups (SphereMedia) which was successfully sold to MusicMarc. Earlier, Daniel was also the very first product manager at Redfin. Daniel also went to Yale and Stanford for undergrad, and has his J.D. in Law from Columbia Law School.

Horacio Zambrano

Strategic Advisor

Horacio Zambrano is an Advisor and Growth Marketing Consultant for B2B early-stage technology ventures and founder of Synchrony Group, a digital marketing agency. Prior to this, Horacio has been Head of Marketing at OPSWAT and Virsec Systems, and led product management teams at Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems. He has over 20 years of sales and marketing operating experience in B2B enterprise software. Horacio also brings a big picture perspective to his operational insights given his tenure as a 5-year Wall Street analyst covering software. He earned both an MBA and a Computer Engineering BS from Stanford University.

Paul Fahn, Ph.D


Paul Fahn, Ph.D is Stanford-trained technologist who has served in leadership positions in a variety of tech companies both large and small. At Samsung Electronics, his R&D work spanned consumer electronics, advanced algorithms, and applied math; he also serves as technology advisor to Samsung venture investment team.  He has been active in the start-up world as co-founder, mentor and entrepreneur-in-residence.

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