The Mission

Striving to help businesses save time and money in doing legal agreements through AI and smarter contracting.

Who we are

Peter Graham


True to his Midwestern roots, Peter believes in the value of authenticity, practicality and meaningful work.  Having extensive experience in various leadership roles in the tech industry, Peter felt compelled to search for new ways to enhance business harmony and efficiency.  In his spare time, Peter enjoys fishing and any free tickets to Warrior games!

Christopher Boyce


Chris proudly serves as's CTO and Co-Founder, having designed and implemented the core architectural product and vision.   Before Agreemint, Chris spent many years honing his skills in web application frameworks, embedded applications, complex security designs, and general user application design, through his tenure with Mocana Corporation and     Chris has a MS in Computer Science from University of San Francisco and a BS of Computer Science from San Francisco State University.   In his spare time, you may find Chris flying a fully assembled self manufactured drone, and occasionally enjoying a cold bottle of Cacao Soylent,

Paul Fahn, Ph.D


Paul Fahn, Ph.D is Stanford-trained technologist who has served in leadership positions in a variety of tech companies both large and small. At Samsung Electronics, his R&D work spanned consumer electronics, advanced algorithms, and applied math; he also serves as technology advisor to Samsung venture investment team.  He has been active in the start-up world as co-founder, mentor and entrepreneur-in-residence. is not an attorney or law firm, and can only provide self-help services at your direction. 

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