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Create. Negotiate. Sign.
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No more PDFs. No more version confusion. No more redline confusion. Modernizing the entire processs.  Just Faster.

That is Agreemint.

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US.Patent 10,936,672 Automatic Document Negotiation

Create. Negotiate.
In One Place.

No more PDF's. No more version confusion. No more confusion in redlining.  Modernizing the entire process.  Just faster.

That is an Agreemint.

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Contracts. Simplified

Contract Success workflow for
Sales. Legal. Partners. Finance. Operations.

Modernizing the assembly, editing, and negotiations through the use of Smart Forms, Smart Editing, Intelligent Messaging, and Negotiation Pattern AI.

Redlines back and forth?

We rearchitected things, while keeping things familiar...

Redline Efficiency

Enjoy the ease of weight-based redlining, with importance driven visibility.  Organize redlines by group, topic or weight. Optionally, show or hide your priorities.

95% less emails

No more attachments.  No more confusion on who has the last draft, or whose turn it is to review/edit. Everyone in sync with efficiency and ease.

Wizard Creation Ease

Offload more workflows through contract wizards using AI and third party data feeds. Create 'if/then' and adjustable contracts based on your computable logic.

Negotiation Time Savings

Through AI and contract clause blocks, get intelligence to what is a  repeatable playbook resolution in real time, during negotiation.

Content Control

Control who does what. Block out clauses, prevent forwarding, control sections in contract documents from editing.  Complete visibility control.

Sync Meta Data to CRM

No more manual meta extraction.  Through use of Smart Forms and OCR, save time to real-time sync any data to your Systems of Record (CRM, etc).

Full list of features here


Clause Level Assembly

Generate Wizards

Computational Creation

Clause Level Controls

Editing Controls


Negotiation Ease

Risk Intelligence

Smart Editor

Intra Document Workflow

Deal & Scope Weighting


Detailed Analytics

Auto Track Smart Fields

Negotiation Intelligence

Change order API

Auto Reminders

Workflow Designer released!

(May 2021)

Create your own wizards

Build your own workflow

Computational Contract Generation

No manual coding!

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"Given the tremendous growth in workflow solutions, Agreemint is by far one of the most friendly, efficient, and impactful contracting process solution in the market today!"

A SIMPLE Process

Using Agreemint is super simple. The responder of your document is invited to a more time-efficient and delightful contract experience.






  • Word/PDF conversion
  • Drag/Drop Assembly
  • Smart Form Tracking
  • CRM Sync


  • Create URL link
  • Provision Access Control
  • Subject Controls
  • User Admin Controls


  • Invitees open link
  • Set values to negotiated items
  • Drag Drop Interface
  • Smart Commenting


  • Digitally Sign
  • Smart Fields -> CRM
  • Convert to PDF/Word
  • Deal Intelligence AI





  • Secure URL Link
  • CRM & Smart Tag Sync
  • Subject Level Controls
  • User Level Provisions


  • Online/Offline modes
  • Negotiation Context
  • Drag Drop Features
  • Smart Commenting


  • Digitally Sign
  • Smart Fields -> CRM
  • Deal Intelligence
  • Word/PDF Conversion


01 Create

Secure URL Link
CRM Sync
Subject Level Controls
User Level Provisions

02 Share

Offline/Online Modes
Negotiation Context Values
Drag Drop Features
Smart Commenting

03 Sign

Digitally sign
Smart Fields -> CRM
Deal Intelligence
Word/PDF Conversion

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